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Staff Directory

Name Position Email Address Phone: 503-359-8170 + Ext.
Rogelio Martinez Principal [email protected] 7072
Main Office Staff
Name Position Email Address Phone: 503-359-8170 + Ext.
Noelia Mejia Secretary [email protected] 7024
Yeymi Avalos Health Aide [email protected] 7007
Name Position Email Address Phone: 503-359-8170 + Ext.
Kristan Beckwith ELD Facilitator and Teacher [email protected] 7016
Maryl Carow Special Education Facilitator [email protected] 7053
Shari Exo Spanish Literacy [email protected] 7051
Serena Fitz ELD Facilitator and Teacher [email protected] 7101
Keegan Gardner Counselor [email protected] 7069
Liliana Jimenez Title I Reading Teacher [email protected]
Laura Ryba Speech-Language Pathologist   [email protected] 6032
Erica Vo School Psychologist [email protected] 8001
Karla Herrera-Zarate Music Teacher [email protected] 8008
Michael Horne PE Teacher [email protected] 8050
Classroom Teachers
Name Position Email Address Phone: 503-359-8170 + Ext.
Rene (Nico) Contreras Full Day Pre-K [email protected] 7019
Michele Erard  Full Day Kindergarten Teacher  [email protected]
Jennifer McGrory Full Day Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Veronica Ochoa Full Day Kindergarten Teacher  [email protected] 7009
Megan Fitzgerald 1st Grade Teacher [email protected] 7037
Theresa Watters 1st Grade Teacher [email protected] 7049
Patricia Holt 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected] 7047
Heidi Smith 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected] 7061
Melissa Aranda 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected] 7002
Kayla Davidson 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected] 7056
Leanne Goff 3rd Grade Teacher [email protected] 7048
Natalie Cabiad  4th Grade Teacher [email protected] 7014
Jennee Raz 4th Grade Teacher [email protected] 7080
Hillary Barraza Online Academy
[email protected] 7003
Laura Bower Online Academy
[email protected] 7074
Instructional Support
Name Position Email Address Phone: 503-359-8170 + Ext.
Kathleen Bateman Special Education Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Monike Castro  Americorps Member [email protected] 7036
Saira Ceja Rosales Building Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Steven Diaz-Loera Building Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Bonnie Hardwick Special Education Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Delisa Hinton
Special Education
Instructional Assistant
[email protected]  
Brenda Houser Building Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Reyna Loeza Sanchez Building Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Johnny Ortiz Jimenez Special Education Instructional Assistant  [email protected]  
Erika Peterson  Library/Media Specialist [email protected] 7064
Maria Rebolledo Salgado (Araceli) Pre-K Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Ruby Robles
Building Instructional Assistant / Migrant Liason [email protected] 7023
Lourdes Rosario Special Education Data Entry  [email protected] 7020
Laura Ruggerio Building Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Gisel Ruiz
Special Education
Instructional Assistant
[email protected]   
Maria Sanchez Special Education Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Maria Velasquez Manriquez
Pre-K Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Hannah Vickers Building Instructional Assistant [email protected]  
Building Instructional Assistant  [email protected]