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Welcome to Fern Hill Elementary...home of the Falcons!

Our children are our most important resources. We share a common purpose in teaching and educating our children.

Many children need individualized attention in different areas, and each of you have valuable varied experiences that can help our children grow.

You have an opportunity to help many children in our school. We need volunteers to help the teachers and staff in ways that will allow them to provide more personal assistance to our children. There are also various functions throughout the year that benefit our children not only through learning but also enjoyment and to make these events happen we need you. Volunteers can be anyone who wishes to help the school and our kids and is not limited to parents only. If you have a desire to help, we welcome you. If you are unable to help here at the school, we understand. Sometimes there are opportunities to help at home by taking a project home or by simply committing to helping your child at home with homework, listening to them read or reading to them. Every effort helps the kids to achieve.

Thank you for everything you do to support the students and staff at Fern Hill Elementary!

Background Checks
Annual background checks are required for all volunteers in the Forest Grove School District. This includes, but is not limited to, classroom volunteers and field trip chaperones.

The volunteer background checks are part of our efforts to keep schools safe for students, staff and visitors. We encourage all prospective volunteers to go to the link below to fill out the criminal background verification form online. There is no cost to the volunteer, and all information provided remains confidential. Individuals will not be permitted to volunteer until their background check has been approved.

The conviction of a crime does not automatically disqualify a person from volunteering in a school. Each situation is considered individually.

We appreciate all of our dedicated volunteers in the Forest Grove School District. Together, we can create a safe environment where students learn and thrive!

Please click here to submit a background check application.
Volunteer Opportunities
Need Details
Lunch Buddy Come to school and have lunch with a student and allow them to read to you
Who to Contact
Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers are an essential part of Fern Hill Elementary School. If you would like to volunteer, or would like to learn more about the volunteer opportunities at Fern Hill, please call our volunteer coordinator!